Desert -Beach Tour

Desert -Beach Tour

OVERVIEW- Gujarat is one of the most vibrant and ethnic states of India; walking hand-in-hand with modernization. Explore the best of Gujarat from beaches to architectural marvels of this state with Desert Beach Tour walking down the cities of Wankaner, Mandvi, Bhuj and Rann of Kutch. Wankaner is known for its regal palaces, while Mandvi is famed for its tranquil beaches. Gujarat’s gem, Rann of Kutch is the biggest salt marsh of the world. 

AHMEDABAD- It is the largest city in Gujarat, associated with the great thinker and freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi. It is an exclusive blend of Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture. The city's prosperous and eventful past and present is embodied in its rich kaleidoscope of history, art and culture, rich architecture and imposing monuments. The city is a famous business hub and is well known for chemical and textile industries.

WANKANER- Wankaner is a former princely state in Gujarat located 50 ms from Rajkot. It derives its name from the geographical feature related to the location of the town: 'Wanka' means a bend and 'ner' means water stream in Gujarati. Wankaner literally means a bend on the stream and it is located on the bend of the Machchhu river Wankaner also has a step well, the last one to be built in Gujarat. 

MANDVI- Situated in the Kutch region of Gujarat, Mandvi Beach is a pristine and tranquil sea shore which is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region. It is endowed with a calm and clean environment and makes for a peaceful getaway from the city. The silky smooth sand of Mandvi Beach is an inviting carpet which gives way to the salty waters of the Arabian Sea. 

BHUJ- Known popularly as the doorway to Kutch, the old walled city Bhuj is one the most important tourist destinations in India. 

GREAT RANN OF KUTCH- The Great Rann of Kutch is by far the largest white salt desert in India and is truly a magnificent destination to be at. One can enjoy camel safaris on a moonlit night (During the Rann Utsav in December-March). Accommodation is available at the nearby villages called Dhordo and Hodka.

Tour Destination: Ahmedabad – Wankaner – Mandvi – Bhuj – Rann of Kutch – Bhuj - Ahmedabad

Travel Duration:  04 Nights/05 Days

DAY 1: AHMEDABAD – WANKANER- Today morning arrive at Ahmedabad Airport. From airport drive to Wankaner.  Transfer to hotel. In the evening visit the small city of Wankaner

RANJIT VILAS PALACE- The palace is one of the most beautiful royal palaces in the country. It is one of the most wonderful illustrious castles in the country. It is the official residence of His Highness the Maharaja of Wankaner. It is situated in the beautiful hills of the city. 

CERAMIC ZONE- The Industrial Zone is also developed from Wankaner to Morbi. Already hundreds of ceramic, vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles and many more industrial units have been set up. 

HAJRAT SHAH BAVA DARGAH SHARIF- It is the most important religious place in the city for Muslims as well as Hindu. He was one of the founders of the city with Nagabava (Guru of State), Sartanji and Vanmalibava. It is also one of the holiest places for Muslims in the city.

Overnight at Hotel.

DAY 2: WANKANER - MANDVI- In the morning drive to pristine and tranquil sea shore of Mandvi Beach. Transfer to hotel. Later visit Mandvi Beach the undiscovered beach destination with clean water and beautiful view. Take a long walk along the shore as you witness the sun setting over the horizon, or go for bird spotting and discover the beauty of Kutch through its fauna. Mandvi Beach is also popular for its camel ride, camping and water sports facilities. With its tranquil surroundings being its most alluring quality, Mandvi Beach makes for an enchanting rendezvous with nature and its beauty. 

Overnight at Hotel.

DAY 3: MANDVI - BHUJ- Today morning drive to Bhuj. Transfer to hotel. Later visit 

AINA MAHAL- Aina Mahal, also known as “Palace of Mirrors” is surrounded by a small and courtyard which carry weapons built in the 18th century, which is located in the old part of the city. It is one of the important tourist spot. This site also houses a museum within it. The important parts of this palace are the “Hall of Mirrors” and the “Pleasure Pool”.

PRAGMAHAL PALACE- Constructed within the 1860's and 1870s in a Venetian-Gothic fashion, Pragmalji's palace has pointed Gothic arches, classical colonnades and European timber roofs. The huge staircases and deep passages are floored with colourful Minton tiles and coated with handrails on classical balusters. 

THE KUTCH MUSEUM- This museum was formerly known as the “Ferguson Museum”. This museum was built in 1877 and has a good gathering of artifacts which depicts the history and culture of Bhuj. It is also the oldest museum in the Gujarat.

RAMKUND STEPWELL- Across from the Kutch Museum and in the back of the Ram Dhun Temple, the Ramkund properly is a square Stepwell, fifty six feet on a facet, with sculptures portraying characters from the Ramayana, along with lord Ram, Devi Sita, Lakshman and lord Hanuman, in addition to the 10 incarnations of lord Vishnu along the partitions. 

SHARADBAGH PALACE- This palace was the residence for the king’s right up to 1991. Later, when the last King of Kutch died, the palace was converted into museum. This palace is also a resting point for the migrating birds as this palace has a wide range of beautiful gardens along with many flowering and medicinal plants.

Overnight at Hotel.

DAY 4: BHUJ - RANN OF KUTCH - BHUJ- After breakfast visit the Kutch to see the Asiatic Wild Ass and other fauna. 

INDIAN WILD ASS SANCTUARY- Located in the Little Rann of Kutch, Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary is one of its kind. It is the only place where the Indian Wild Ass or Ghudkar still inhabit. The sanctuary is also the home of 32 mammal species and is an important breeding site for birds. This wildlife sanctuary is considered as one of the largest seasonal saline wetland areas.

WHITE SALT DESERT- Sprawling in an area of 7000 sq km, White Salt Desert in Great Rann of Kutch is a magical place. One can enjoy camel ride here or else a long walk is enough to get one all excited. Watching the sun go down is probably the best thing to do here; the evening shots are simply worth capturing. 

KALA DUNGAR- At a short distance from Great Rann White Desert is Kala Dungar. Also known as the Black Hill, it is the highest point of the Kutch region and it offers a panoramic view of the desert. Atop the hill is a Hindu temple known as Dattatreya that dates back to 400 years old. 

DHOLAVIRA- Visiting Kutch region gives history lovers a great opportunity to visit ancient sites like Dholavira. This site is considered as the slice of the Indus Valley Civilization/HarappanCivilazation. The ruins throw light on the culture of Harappa and reveal their excellent knowledge of planning and constructing a sound infrastructure. One can find the evidences of well-built harvesting system, network of tanks and sewage system. 

In the evening return back to Bhuj. 

Overnight at Hotel.

DAY 5: BHUJ – AHMEDABAD- Day free for leisure and later, drive back to Ahmedabad to catch your flights/train towards onward destination.

Distance & Time (Approx)

  1. Ahmedabad – Wankaner: 220 kms/05 hrs
  2. Wankaner - Mandvi: 250 kms/06 hrs
  3. Mandvi - Bhuj: 60 kms/02 hrs
  4. Bhuj – Rann of Kutch: 100 kms/02 hrs
  5. Bhuj - Ahmedabad: 340 kms/06 hrs

Ahmedabad at a Glance

  • Population: 7,394,912
  • Area: 464 sqkms
  • Geo Location: Gujarat (North West India)
  • Average Climate: 10°C - 36°C
  • Best Time to Visit: November - February
  • STD Code: 02631
  • Airport: Ahmedabad Airport

Bhuj at a Glance

  1. Population: 148,834
  2. Area: 56 sq km
  3. Geo Location: Gujarat (North West India)
  4. Average Climate: 8°C - 40°C
  5. Best Time to Visit: September - February
  6. STD Code: 02832
  7. Airport: Bhuj Airport

Rann of Kutch at a Glance

  • Population: 2,090,313
  • Area: 7505 sq kms
  • Geo Location: Gujarat (North West India)
  • Average Climate: 12°C -25°C
  • Best Time to Visit: October - February
  • STD Code: 02832


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