Travel Insurance

Travelling abroad to a foreign land alone entails a lot of risk. Medical emergencies, losses, and delays can be expensive and cause great inconvenience to you. Are you covered..?

A hundred things can go wrong when you travel. Something that's an inconvenience at home can ruin your holiday when you're abroad. Is your family covered..?

Taking a holiday abroad in your golden years is a dream for many. But little inconveniences and medical problems can sully your enjoyment unless you've got someone to take care of them for you.

When you go to study abroad, you want a solid support system to care of any troubles for you. Are you covered..?

Aspark Holidays, is a domestic travel policy for all individuals travelling within India, for holiday/business/personal trips in common or private vehicles including bicycles. The first of its kind, this policy can be availed for e-commerce cabs as well. The period of this policy, can be as short as one cab ride and can be as long as 365 days after which it has to be renewed. This policy primarily has five plans, which are

  • PLAN A for Travel by E- Commerce Cabs only
  • PLAN B for Travel by Bus only
  • PLAN C for Travel by Train only
  • PLAN D for Travel by Scheduled Airlines only
  • PLAN E for Travel by Other Modes/Multiple Modes of Transport

Why do I Need Travel Insurance?
Travelling abroad to a foreign land entails a lot of risk. Medical expenses in foreign currency and hospitalization can be prohibitively expensive. Our travel policy covers you for all medical eventualities for just a fraction of the amount you would otherwise need.

  • Covers expenses of hospitalization, loss of baggage and other incidental expenses
  • Covers you against trip cancellation, trip curtailment and burglary of your home*
  • Quick disbursement of claims
  • Global expertise matched with local knowledge
  • Innovative packages to match individual needs
  • Only insurance company with in-house international toll-free numbers and fax numbers