Nau -Devi Darshan

Nau -Devi Darshan

OVERVIEW- Goddess Durga is worshipped in different forms among the Hindus. Nau Durga is the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga that hold the paramount position in Hindu Mythology. It is believed that paying homage to these forms of Goddess makes the devotee free from all the sins and wrongdoings. There are nine major abodes of Goddess Shakti. Seven abodes are in Himachal Pradesh, one is in Jammu and remaining one is in Chandigarh. The devotees swarm these pilgrimages to drench themselves in spirituality and seek blessings at Mata Mansa Devi Temple, Chintpurni, Naina Devi Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple, Mata Jwala ji Temple, Brijeshwari Temple and Vaishno Devi Temple.

DELHI- New Delhi, capital of India is a mix of the ancient and modern architecture. This 3rd largest city of India unwinds a picture rich with culture, architecture, and human diversity. Divided in two parts, Old Delhi & New Delhi, the city is a travel hub of Northern India and exerts a beguiling charm on visitors.

CHANDIGARH- The city was designed by the French architect Le Corbusier and is known for its modern infrastructure. Chandigarh is the first planned city of India. The city is the perfect base for exploring the surrounding region that is rich with art, history and scenic landscapes.

KATRA- The shrine of Vaishno Devi, one of the most important places of worship in India calls the little town of Katra its home. Located in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir, Katra is mostly visited by devotees of Lord Shiva. The pilgrimage route is only complete when Shiv Khori, 1.6 km away from Vaishno Devi is also visited. Katra has a large collection of water bodies which can be easily accessed.

MATA VAISHNO DEVI SHRINE- It is one of the oldest and popular shrines of India, located at a height of 5300 feet on the holy Trikuta Hills of the Shivalik Hill Range. The Holy cave is 13 Kms from the Base Camp Katra. The Town Katra is 50 Kms away from Jammu. 

DHARAMSHALA- Situated in the picturesque Kangra valley and set against the Dhauladhar mountain range in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is an ideal retreat for nature lovers. The pristine environment with dense green cover consisting of Deodar and Pine trees provides a visual treat. Dharamshala is also the winter capital of Himachal Pradesh.

CHAMUNDA DEVI MANDIR- Chamunda Devi Temple is a renowned holy shrine of the Hindus. Located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, Chamunda Devi Mandir is at a distance of 10 kms from Palampur, on the banks of Baner River. This ancient temple dates back to the 16th century. The temple is dedicated to Chamunda Devi, who is a form of Durga / Shakti. Chamunda Devi Mandir is believed to be the abode of 'Shiva and Shakti'.

JWALAJI MANDIR- Popularly known as Mahamai Jawala Ji, this place is situated in Kangra Distt of Himachal Pradesh. One of the fifty one Shakti Peeths, Maa Jwalaji Temple is famous as Sati's tongue fell at this place. Jawala Maa is represented in the form of perpetual Jyotis - the flames. These flames come out from nine different rocks in the temple.

KANGRA DEVI MANDIR- At the foothills of the Himalayas, in the scenic Kangra valley, is the shrine of Brajeshwari Devi. The temple is considered one of the revered Shakthi Peetha. Originally believed to be built by Pandavas, the shrine, though various eras of history has undergone attacks, destruction and renovation.

CHINTPURNI MANDIR- Situated in Himachal Pradesh, in Una District Chintpurni Mata Temple is also called Chinnamastika Devi Temple. Maa Chintpurni is famous for her virtues and whosoever visits this shrine gets absolves of all his/her worries. It is believed that Satis feet fell at this place.

NAINA DEVI MANDIR- The temple is an ancient Indian temple. Naina Devi temple is located in Bilaspur district in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is built on a cliff. It is one of the fifty-one Shakti  Peeths in India; it is one of the highly venerated Shakti Temples in India.

Tour Destination: Delhi - Chandigarh - Mansa Devi - Katra - Vaishno Devi - Dharamshala - Chamunda Devi Mandir - Jwalaji - Kangra Devi - Dharamshala - Chintpurni Temple - Naina Devi - Chandigarh - Delhi

Travel Duration: 07 Nights/08 Days


Today drive to Chandigarh. Transfer to the hotel. Later visit the very famous Pinjore Garden

PINJORE GARDEN- Spread over a massive area of 100 acres and also known as Yadvinder Garden, Pinjore Garden is a spectacle to behold.

Evening go out for shopping.

Overnight at Hotel.


After breakfast, proceed for the darshan to Maa Mansa Devi Temple.

MANSA DEVI TEMPLE- It is one of the most renowned Shakti temples in North India. The Mansa Devi Temple has maintained the sanctity of being an important shrine for worshipping Shakti (Mansa Devi), the divine feminine personification of the innate cosmic energy that is said to epitomize and rule the forces of the universe, in Hinduism and Shaktism. 

Later continue your drive to Katra.

Overnight at Hotel.


Today start your trek towards the Mata Vaishno Devi Temple. The Yatra begins at Katra from where you can go bare foot, horses or palki for the Darshan. Continue with a 16 km journey that covers Banganga, The Adhkawari Cave, Sanji Chhat, Bhawan, The Shrine and The Bhairon Temple.

MATA VAISHNO DEVI- The Goddess Mata Vaishno Devi's abode is in 100 feet long cave with a narrow opening. The holy cold and crystal clear water washes the lotus feet of the Mata's "Pindian". There are three natural Pindies representing Maha Saraswati, Maha Lakshmi, Maha Kali, which represent creative, preservative, and destructive aspects of the Super Power. It is an ancient shrine whose reference is found in the Vedas and ancient scriptures.

Overnight at Hotel.


After the divine blessings of Mata Vaishno Devi return back to Katra. Take rest at the hotel.

Overnight at Hotel.


Drive to hill station of Dharamshala. Transfer to the hotel. 

In the evening rest after the long day drive enjoying the overlooking high mountains covered with silent snows and deep boulder strewn gorges.

Overnight at Hotel.


After breakfast, proceed for Devi Darshan at Mata Chamunda Devi Temple, Jwalaji Devi Temple and Brijeshwari Devi Temple, Kangra.

CHAMUNDA DEVI TEMPLE- The temple is dedicated to Mata Chamunda Devi who is present in the temple in the form of Maa Durga/ Maa Shakti. The location of the temple plays an important role as it is built on the same spot where Maa Kali killed the demon kings - Shumbha and Nishumbh. Chamunda Devi is set at a beautiful location which is amid the beautiful Mountains and green scenery.

JWALAJI TEMPLE- The temple is dedicated to Jwala Devi, a form of the Holy Goddess herself. Due to her residence in the nine eternal flames of the temple, she is also known as the Flaming Goddess. This is a novel temple which does not have an idol. It is believed the Goddess resides in the holy flames of the temple which miraculously burn day and night without any fuel from outside.

BRAJESHWARI TEMPLE- This temple is dedicated to Goddess Brajeshwari. The temple was built over the scorch (burn) breast of Shri Sati. This shrine, once renowned for its great wealth, has been plundered relentlessly over the ages. Popular for its carved sculptures, the shikara style shrine is visited by Hindu devotees throughout the year.

In the evening drive back to Dharamshala.

Overnight at Hotel.


After breakfast, proceed for Devi Darshan at Mata Chintpurni Temple, and Naina Devi Temple. 

CHINTPURNI TEMPLE- The temple is one of the major shakti Peeths (holy places where pieces of the body of Sati fell) in Himachal Pradesh. According to Hindu mythology, the feet of Sati fell at this site when Lord Shiva danced in anger (Tandav). The goddess here takes away all the worries and stress of devotees. In this temple, the Goddess is showed without her head in a Pindi form (round stone). Over and above, the place is having beautiful surroundings. 

NAINA DEVI TEMPLE- The temple is dedicated to Shri Naina Devi, one of the forms of Goddess Shakti It is a notable place of worship in the state as it is home to one of the 51 Shakti Peeths, representing the fallen body part (eyes) of the Goddess Sati.

In the evening drive to Chandigarh.

Overnight at Hotel.


Day free for leisure and in the evening, drive back to Delhi to catch your flights towards onward destination.

Distance & Time (Approx)

  1. Delhi - Chandigarh: 265 kms/06 hrs
  2. Chandigarh - Katra: 400 kms/10 hrs
  3. Katra - Vaishno Devi (By Trek): 13 kms
  4. Katra - Dharamshala: 250 kms/07 hrs
  5. Dharamshala - Chamunda Devi: 20 kms/01 hrs
  6. Chamunda Devi - Jwalaji: 60 kms/02 hrs
  7. Jwalaji - Kangra Devi: 50 kms/1.5 hrs
  8. Kangra Devi - Dharamshala: 50 kms/1.5 hrs
  9. Dharamshala - Chintpurni: 90 kms/03 hrs
  10. Chintpurni - Naina Devi: 120 kms/04 hrs
  11. Naina Devi - Chandigarh: 120 kms/04 hrs

New Delhi at a Glance

  • Population: 16,787,941
  • Area: 1,484 sq kms
  • Geo Location: North India
  • Average Climate: Summer extends from Apr. to Jun. (25°C to 46°C), Winter from Oct. to Mar. (3°C - 30°C), and Monsoon from Jul. to Sep. (25°C to 35°C).
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year, though the best climate is experienced from Sep. to Apr.
  • STD Code: 011
  • Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport

Chandigarh at a Glance

  1. Population: 1,184,496
  2. Area: 114 sq kms
  3. Geo Location: Haryana (North India)
  4. Average Climate: 15°C - 46°C
  5. Best time to visit: Throughout the year
  6. STD Code: 0172
  7. Airport: Chandigarh Airport

Katra at a Glance

  • Population: 10,000
  • Area: NA
  • Geo Location: Jammu & Kashmir (North India)
  • Best time to visit: March - October

Dharamshala at a Glance

  1. Population: 56,543
  2. Area: 27.6 sq kms
  3. Geo Location: Himachal Pradesh (North India)
  4. Average Climate: 5°C - 26°C
  5. Best time to visit: Throughout the year
  6. STD Code: 01892
  7. Airport: Dharamshala Airport


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